USDF Awards 2016 Horse of the Year Titles

© Cealy Tetley: Steffen Peters and Legolas 92. Photo by Cealy Tetley.Steffen Peters and Legolas 92 at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. 

Lexington, Ky. – Dec. 22, 2016 – The United States Dressage Federation tallied the final year-end-award standings and recepients celebrated their success at the USDF National Convention in St. Louise in early December. The prestigious Horse of the Year awards recognizes a horse’s accomplishments in 2016. Check out the top three combinations at each USEF dressage level.

Adequan®/USDF Final Awards Standings

Grand Prix Horse of the Year
1. Steffen Peters/Legolas 92/77.16
2. Laura Graves/Verdades/76.46
3. Steffen Peters/Rosamunde/74.965

© :
David Marcus and Binjora 

Intermediate II Horse of the Year
1. David Marcus/Binjora/74.671
2. Marcus Orlob/Shakespeare RSF/74.145
3. Heather McCarthy/Saphira/70.921

© Annan Hepner : Rachael Hicks and Don Cartier
Rachael Hicks and Don Cartier 

Intermediate I Horse of the Year
1. Rachael Hicks/Don Cartier/74.277
2. Craig Stanley/Caliente DG/74.079
3. Melissa Taylor/Ansgar/73.29

© Annan Hepner : Adrienne Lyle and Horizon
Adrienne Lyle and Horizon 

Prix St. Georges Horse of the Year
1. Adrienne Lyle/Horizon/74.494
2. Shelley Van Den Neste/Lorenzo Van De SRF/74.145
3. Steffen Peters/Bailarino/73.421

Fourth Level Horse of the Year
1. Eva King/Drake/73.00
2. Brian Hafner/Dream Catcher/70.632
3. Catherine Chamberlain/Sophina/70.488

© Annan Hepner: Carly Taylor-Smith and Rosalut NHF
Carly Taylor-Smith and Rosalut NHF

Third Level Horse of the Year
1. Carly Taylor-Smith/Rosalut NHF/75.897
2. Jodie Kelly/Caymus/74.872
3. Alyssa Pitts/Selestial R/74.167

Second Level Horse of the Year
1. Jodie Kelly/Shirocco/75.015
2. Mike Suchanek/Hannigan L/74.086
3. Stacey Lucko/Champ/73.415

© Annan Hepner: Mike Suchanek and Duchess L Mike Suchanek and Duchess L 

First Level Horse of the Year
1. Mike Suchanek/Duchess L/77.794
2. Amelia Newcomb/Gatsby/77.251
3. Jennifer Williams/Sotto Voce/76.797

Training Level Horse of the Year
1. Tom Noone/Venezia/80.568
2. Marjolein Geven/Weltmeister W/78.462
3. Karen Ball/Theo For You/77.885

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