Team Germany Claims First Wellington CDIO3* Nations Cup Gold Medal

Wellington, Fla. – March 18, 2021 – The second day of CDIO3* Nations Cup competition continued in Wellington on Thursday, with the team competition coming to a close after the Intermediate I and Grand Prix Special classes that were added into the Nations Cup final scores. Riders representing The United States, Canada, Germany, Spain and Australia returned to the ring, hopeful to claim the highest podium finish for their countries. Riding into a narrow lead with 223.333 points after Wednesday’s small tour and large tour classes, Team Germany held onto their first place position to claim their first ever CDIO3* Nations Cup team gold medal in Wellington.

Team Germany
Team Germany

Taking home a final score of 448.568 points, the German team first saw their chances of winning the gold medal after their impressive performances on Wednesday. After a great test on day one, Frederic Wandres, aboard Quizmaster, Hof Kasselmann’s 9-year-old Hanoverian stallion, tackled the Intermediate I with a strong test scoring a 76.529%. Kevin Kohmann aboard Equitas LLC’s Five Star, an 11-year-old KWPN stallion, earned an Intermediate I score of 74.206% on Thursday. Michael Klimke aboard Domino 97, a 9-year-old Westphalian mare owned by Uwe Kappel, earned a 68.0% in the Intermediate I. The team’s anchor rider Christoph Koschel aboard Eaton Unitechno, a 12-year-old KWPN gelding owned by Unitechno, Inc., kept his scores steady with a Grand Prix Special score of 73.000%

Team results consisted of the best three scores in the first test, FEI Prix St. Georges and FEI Grand Prix, and the three best scores in the second test, the FEI Intermediate 1 and FEI Grand Prix Special. The best total team score received the gold medal. The Nations Cup team scores are calculated by awarding a 1.5 percent bonus for each Grand Prix rider on a team, while small tour scores receive no bonus. Once all riders have received their scores and their perspective additional bonus, the lowest score is dropped. If the drop score is that of a Grand Prix rider, the bonus will also be dropped with their score. Bonus points, however, do not contribute to individual final competition and are only used to calculate team rankings.

Christoph Koschel and Eaton Unitechno
Christoph Koschel and Eaton Unitechno

The competition by the end of the second day was close, but the U.S. Dressage team took home the silver medal by a fraction of a point with a final combined score of 448.381. Individually, the top three placings of the Grand Prix Special were taken by American riders but it was not enough to overcome the German lead from Wednesday and their top small tour scores. Adrienne Lyle aboard her longtime mount, Harmony’s Duval, a 13-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding, helped secure the silver medal with an impressive Grand Prix Special score of 74.489%. Jennifer Williams aboard Millione finished in a close second behind Adrienne Lyle, scoring a new personal best of 73.958%. Katherine Bateson Chandler aboard Alcazar earned a 69.511% in the Special. The young and upcoming rider, Benjamin Ebeling, aboard Illuster Van De Kampert had a solid Grand Prix Special ride as well, scoring a 73.064%.

Jennifer Schrader-Williams and Millione
Jennifer Schrader-Williams and Millione

Canada took home the bronze medal with a final score of 437.071. Chris Von Martels helped to secure the bronze medal with a score of 72.319% in the Grand Prix Special aboard his mount, Eclips, a 12-year-old KWPN gelding. Naima Moreira Laliberte was right behind Martels with a Special score of 71.957% aboard Statesman. Brittany Fraser-Beaulieu remained consistent throughout both tests with a Special score of 70.447% aboard All In. Lindsay Kellock aboard her mount Sebastian received a 67.787% for their Special performance.

The CDIO3* Nations Cup team competition may have come to a close, but the Adequan Global Dressage Festival will continue early tomorrow morning with the FEI Junior Team* (CDIJ) NAYC/USEF Qualifier, and will later see the CDIO3* individual classes, the Intermediate I and Grand Prix Freestyles, in the evening under the arena lights starting at 7 p.m. EDT.


FEI Grand Prix Special CIO3* 

Rider / Country / Horse / Total Score
1. Adrienne Lyle / USA / Harmony’s Duval / 74.489%
2. Jennifer Williams / USA / Millione / 73.958%
3. Benjamin Ebeling / USA / Illuster Van De Kampert / 73.064%
4. Christoph Koschel / GER / Eaton Unitechno / 73.000%
5. Chris Von Martels / CAN / Eclips / 72.319%
6. Naima Moreira Laliverte / CAN / Statesman / 71.957%
7. Brittany Fraser-Beaulieu / CAN / All In / 70.447%
8. Katherine Bateson Chandler / USA / Alcazar / 69.511%
9. Lindsey Kellock / CAN / Sebastien / 67.787%
10. Carlos Salguero Ocana / GER / Vangens Star-Light / 66.787%
11. Kelly Layne / AUS / Samhitas / 70.085%

FEI Intermediate I* CDIO3* 

Rider / Country / Horse / Total Score
1. Frederic Wandres / GER / Quizmaster / 76.529%
2. Kevin Kohmann / GER / Five Star / 74.206%
3. Michael Klimke / GER / Domino 97 / 68.000%
4. Sally Lofting / AUS / Quinlan CF / 64.441%
5. Hope Berling / AUS / Alpha HM / 62.824%

CDIO3* Team Results Day 2 

Rider / Horse / (GP Score + 1.5% Bonus) Day One Total / (GPS Score + 1.5% Bonus) Day Two Total
1. Germany – 448.568 

 Christoph Koschel / Eaton Unitechno / (72.891% + 1.5%) 74.391 / (73% + 1.5%) / 74.5%
Frederic Wandres / Quizmaster / 74.765% / 76.529%
Kevin Kohmann / Five Star / 74.177% / 74.206%
Michael Klimke / Domino 957 / 68.853 / 68%

2. United States – 448.381
Adrienne Lyle / Harmony’s Duval / (73.935% + 1.5%) 75.435 / (74.489% + 1.5%) 75.989%
Benjamin Ebeling / Illuster Van de Kampert / (72.152% + 1.5%) 73.652 / (73.064% + 1.5%) 74.564%
Jennifer Williams / Millione / (71.783% + 1.5%) 73.283 / (73.958 +1.5%) 75.458%
Katherine Bateson Chandler / Alcazar / (70.239% +1.5%) 71.739 / (69/511% + 1.5%) 71.011

3. Canada – 437.071
Chris Von Martels / Eclips / (72.87% + 1.5%) 74.37 / (72.319% + 1.5%) 73.819%
Naima Moreira Laliberté / Statesman / (69.718% + 1.5%) 71.218 / (72.255% + 1.5%) 73.755%
Lindsay Kellock / Sebastien / (70.087% + 1.5%) 71.587 / (67.787% + 1.5%) 69.287%
Brittany Fraser-Beaulier / All In / (70.391% + 1.5%) 71.891 / (70.447% + 1.5%) 71.947%

4. Australia – 391.089
Kelly Layne / Samhitas / (63.739% + 1.5%) 65.239 / (70.085% + 1.5%) 71.585%
Hope Beerling / Alpha HM / 64.853% / 62.824%
Sally Lofting / Quinlan CF / 62.147% / 64.441% 


Michael Klimke – CDIO3* Nations Cup team gold medalist

On the Nations Cup:
“I want to say thank you to the organizer as it has been difficult with the pandemic and now the equine virus, but the whole season has been perfectly organized. As you know, we come from Germany so there isn’t anything going on there right now. So, a big thanks from the German riders, the German team and the German federation to the organizers, we are very happy to be here. But most importantly, we are very, very happy! I think we had three top riders here and my mare was a little tired, but they all did a super job. It was so tight and so close, but we are more than happy that Germany won. Normally the Germans are only winning in Germany, so that makes us more happy and even more proud.”

Michael Klimke and Domino 957
Michael Klimke and Domino 957

Christoph Koschel – CDIO3* Nations Cup team gold medalist

On being the anchor rider:
“I didn’t know what percentage I had to get, they didn’t tell me thank God. I heard Adrienne’s score was high and the other riders’ as well. I had a good start but I think everyone knows how expensive it is when you canter in a half-pass. It counts double, so I knew I was not allowed to make any more mistakes. My horse can be pretty sharp and is still green so we really had to stay clear. It worked out well and at the end of the day it was very close, especially with America.”

On tomorrow’s freestyle:
“With my young horse it is already difficult enough to get the fears cleared and with my wife teaching me how to dance! I never listen to the music when we are dancing, so it will be very tough tomorrow. Let’s just see how it goes!”

Kevin Kohman – CDIO3* Nations Cup team gold medalist

On representing Germany:
“I am super proud to represent Germany in the Nations Cup especially because last year we weren’t able to do it. Yesterday was the highest score I’ve gotten in the Prix St. Georges so it was especially great to do it with the team here behind me – or in front of me. I am super proud and very happy.”

Kevin Kohman and Five Star
Kevin Kohman and Five Star

On tomorrow’s freestyle:
“Tomorrow will be the first time under the lights, so that will be special because he is a little sensitive. It’s a very difficult freestyle and has a high level of difficulty so we will see how it ends up. We will give it our best again.”

Frederic Wandres – CDIO3* Nations Cup team gold medalist

On his horse and representing Germany:
“I am very happy with Quizmaster. He did two super rounds today and yesterday, and was really concentrated so we were able to reach a really high score. Overall, I am very happy and proud to represent Germany in the Nations Cup here in Wellington. I have competed in some Nation Cups before in Europe but everyone knows America has a great team, so in the end it makes me even more proud that we are here now.”

On tomorrow’s freestyle:
“Tomorrow is the first freestyle I will do with Quizmaster. Christoph’s wife was so nice to let me enter her into one freestyle so tomorrow will be very new for us.”

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