Seven-Time Palm Beach Dressage Derby Champion Christoph Koschel Continues Domination

Wellington, Fla. – March 5, 2021 – Always a fan-favorite, the Palm Beach Dressage Derby, returned to the eighth week of the Adequan Global Dressage Festival Friday, March 5. The exhibition class features riders competing the Prix St. Georges with unfamiliar horses to see who can ride to the best score with only five minutes to school their new mount.

Christoph Koschel and Salis MR

The derby horses competed the Prix St. Georges Thursday with their regular riders for ring familiarization before moving on to two different knockout rounds with their new riders on Friday. Riders Christoph Koschel (GER), Sarah Lockman (USA), Anna Marek (USA), and Michael Klimke (GER) drew to see who competed against whom and then drew for the mounts on which they competed.

Round one’s mount, Salis MR, was a dappled grey Oldenburg mare owned by Helgstrand Dressage and was ridden by multi-time Palm Beach Dressage Derby champion Koschel and Pan American Games gold medalist Lockman. Though the scores were very close, Koschel squeezed into the Final with a 70.922% ahead of Lockman’s 70.183%.

Sarah Lockman and Salis MR

“The mare I rode today was a pleasure to ride and was very well trained,” Koschel said. “She was getting a bit tired by the time we got to the tempi changes but she was very willing. A big thank you to the owners for allowing us to ride their horses.”

The second round mount, Viveka, a 12-year-old Hanoverian mare owned by Bonita Coffman, was ridden by American Anna Marek and German Michael Klimke. After two beautiful rounds by both riders, Marek took home the win with a 69.742% pushing her ahead into the derby’s final round.

Anna Marek and Viveka

“This is my first time doing the derby and it was fun!” Marek said. “She was a very well trained mare who knew her job and was willing to listen to me. Heading into the final, going head to head with Koschel – I have butterflies in my stomach.”

The derby’s final mount, Hilfiger 3, a 14-year-old Oldenburg gelding owned by Elm Creek Holdings, LLC, was ridden by the two finalists, Marek and Koschel. Veteran derby rider, Koschel took the close win with a score of 71.801%, adding a seventh derby win to his name.

Christoph Koschel, Anna Marek and Sarah Lockman


Palm Beach Dressage Derby Knock Out Round 1
Rider / Country / Horse / Total Score
1. Christoph Koschel / GER / Salis MR / 70.992
2. Sarah Lockman / USA / Salis MR / 70.183

Palm Beach Dressage Derby Knock Out Round 2
Rider / Country / Horse / Total Score
1. Anna Marek / USA / Viveka / 69.742
2. Michael Klimke / GER / Viveka / 67.609

Palm Beach Dressage Derby Final
Rider / Country / Horse / Total Score
1. Christoph Koschel / USA / Hilfiger 3 / 71.801
2. Anna Marek / USA / Hilfiger 3 / 69.374

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