All But One Pass Final Jog Inspection of AGDF Season for CDIO 3* FEI Nations Cup

Wellington, Fla. – March 27, 2018 – Over one hundred horse-and-rider combinations made their way down the inspection track at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival (AGDF) for the final week of competition on Wednesday morning. This weekend is especially exciting as it features two Nations Cup divisions, along with the CDI3* and CDI1* divisions.

The CDIO3* Nations Cup consists of Prix St. Georges and Grand Prix classes taking place on Wednesday, March 28, Intermediate I and Grand Prix Special classes on Thursday, March 29, and Intermediate I Freestyle and Grand Prix Classes on Friday, March 30. The Under-25 Nations Cup will feature a U-25 Intermediate II class on Wednesday, March 28, and U25 Grand Prix class on Thursday, March 29 and the U25 Grand Prix Freestyle on Friday, March 30. The team medals will be given on Thursday and the Individual medals on Friday. 

The Nations Cup competition will include Under-25 teams from the United States, Spain and  two teams from Canada. In the senior Nations Cup competition, teams from the United States, Spain, Columbia, Australia and Canada will face-off.

Molly Paris and Diamante Sky
Molly Paris and Diamant Sky

Molly Paris, a nationally ranked U25 rider, will represent the United States in the CDIO U25 competition with her 16-year-old Danish Warmblood mare, Countess. Along with her mare, Paris will ride her 12-year-old Westphalian gelding Diamant Sky in the CDI 3* Small Tour competition.

“My mare and I actually did the Nations Cup last year,” Paris explained. “I’m pretty excited to do it again. It’s a great opportunity and I feel really confident about her. I’m really excited about this week!

“We’ve been working on making everything a little bit better this year,” Paris continued. “She [Countess] is a super talented horse and tries really hard for me – there’s not much more I can ask for, but just making it a little bit cleaner and softer has been our goal.”

All horses, with the exception of one, passed the jog inspection this morning. Megan Davis and her mount, Royale, will have a chance to represent in front of the Ground Jury tomorrow morning.

2018 FEI Wellington Nations Cup Teams
2018 FEI Wellington Nations Cup Teams

CDI competition kicks off today at 2:00 p.m. with the CDI 3* Prix St. Georges and will end on Saturday, March 31, with the CDI 3* Grand Prix Special at 3:36 p.m.

Team USA CDIO 3*:

Ashley Holzer and Havanna 145 – Big Tour

Olivia LaGoy-Weltz and Lonoir – Big Tour

Sabine Schut-Kery and Sanceo – Big Tour

Adrienne Lyle and Salvino – Big Tour

Team Canada CDIO 3*:

Jill Irving and Degas 12 – Big Tour

Diane Creech and Chrevis Christo – Big Tour

Megan Lane and Caravella – Big Tour

Brittany Fraser and All In – Big Tour

2018 FEI Wellington Nations Cup Teams
2018 FEI Wellington Nations Cup Teams

Team Australia CDIO 3*:

Kim Gentry and Leonardo – Big Tour

Kelly Layne and Furst Amante – Small Tour

Nicholas Fyffe and Hitchcock – Small Tour

Team Spain CDIO 3*:

Marta Renilla and Rhustler – Small Tour

Natalia Bacariza Danguillecourt and Rihanna Ymas – Small Tour

Pablo Gomez Molina and Furst Fiorano Ymas – Small Tour

Team Columbia CDIO 3*:

Marco Bernal and Germany – Small Tour

Raul Corchuelo and Senorita 43 – Small Tour

2018 FEI Wellington U25 Nations Cup Teams
2018 FEI Wellington U25 Nations Cup Teams

Team USA CDIO U25:

Kerrigan Gluch and Bolero CXLVIII

Natalie Pai and Unlimited

Molly Paris and Countess

Team Canada 1 CDIO U25:

Vanessa Creech-Terauds and Devon L

Tanya Strasser-Shostak and Renaissance Tyme

Team Canada 2 CDIO U25:

Laurence Blais Tetreault and Utah

Naima Moreira Lalibert and I Do Kiss

Team Spain CDIO U25:

Rodrigo Encinas Fuentes and Van the Man

Juan Matute Guimon and Don Diego Ymas

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