Marek and Haiku Clinch First Level Open Championship at US Dressage Finals

Lexington, Ky. – Nov. 11, 2017 – The First Level Open Championship in the Stonelea Ring at the Kentucky Horse Park saw tightly contested competition for the US Dressage Finals on Saturday afternoon. Horses and riders from regions all over the country battled it out to be named champion in the class, but it turned out that the best was saved for last as the final combination swooped in to claim the title.

Anna Marek and Haiku
Anna Marek and Haiku

Martin Kuhn of Region 4 and New Berlin, Illinois, held the lead in the class with Venivici, a 6-year-old Westfalen gelding, with a score of 71.324 percent until Anna Marek entered the arena as the last rider to perform.

Martin Kuhn and Venivici
Martin Kuhn and Venivici

Marek, a Region 3 rider from Williston, Florida, went down centerline aboard Haiku, a 5-year-old Dutch Warmblood mare. The horse-and-rider combination earned a score of 72.843 percent to clinch the championship win. Kuhn and Venivici finished as reserve champions in the class.

Kathryn Stoy of Huntsville, Alabama, and Flash Gordon HF, a 5-year-old Hanoverian gelding, rounded out the top three with a total score of 71.225 percent.

Kathryn Stoy and Flash Gordon HF
Kathryn Stoy and Flash Gordon HF


Anna Marek – US Dressage Finals First Level Open champion

On her ride:
“I’m from Florida so this is a bit of a shock for me and the horses. She is the most get up and go horse. She’s always excited and has endless energy. I was lucky there was no flower pot spooking today. She had a great ride. If she puts in a good ride she is very competitive. Sometimes it is hit or miss, but I couldn’t have asked her to do any more today.”

On Haiku:
“Haiku is owned by Diane Morrison, and I’ve ridden her since she was 3. My favorite qualities about her is that I’ve never seen a day where she is tired. She is a very willing horse, but she has a little bit of an ego. If she trips or I give her a correction she gets a bit mad at me because she always thinks she’s doing it right. I like that about her though, because she goes into the show ring and tries really hard.  She loves the attention. As an upper level horse I think she is going to be really fun and have that endless energy to work.”

On her future plans:
“In the future I’ll continue training her. She already knows a lot for how old she is, so I’ll keep getting her to shows where there is so much atmosphere. We will take our time with her. She’s only five years old right now. I train with Anne Gribbons and she has helped me alot with her.”

Martin Kuhn – US Dressage Finals First Level Open reserve champion

On Venivici:
“This is our first year together. I got him in training late last year. He hasn’t had a lot a lot of show experience, but he’s a good boy and wants to do a good job. Today, given the circumstances and the nippy weather, I don’t think he could’ve done any better today so I was very proud.

“He is very energetic and eager to please. We’ve been together a year and getting him exposed to new environments is hard for his little brain but he is a very hard trier and despite some of his proclivities, he really tries very hard. He sometimes tries a little too hard and we have to rein him in a little bit. I think as his confidence grows, it will really make him special. He’s very responsive and I’m really looking forward to the off season to buckle down and train and progress further with him. He’s a lot of fun.”

Results: US Dressage Finals First Level Open Championship

Rider / Horse / Total
1. Anna Marek / Haiku / 72.843
2. Martin Kuhn / Venivici / 71.324
3. Kathryn Stoy / Flash Gordon HF / 71.225
4. Anna Marek / Dream Weaver / 70.147
5. Heather Mason / Enlighteningh / 69.608
6. John Mason / Savannah SWF / 69.608


Third Level Adult Amateur Championship

Rider / Horse / Total Score
1. Linda Currie / Frost T / 70.000
2. Bonnie Canter / Fifinella GCF / 69.829
3. Kristen Ortt / E. Felix / 69.530
4. Amelia Hellman / Asta Lindebjerg / 69.316
5. Kelly Grant / Easton / 68.376
6. Kaitlynn Mosing / Petacchi / 67.564

Fourth Level Open Championship 

Rider / Horse / Total Score
1. Heather Mason / RTF Lincoln / 72.852
2. Nora Batchelder / Fifi MLW / 72.593
3. Megan Gardner / Calexico / 70.185
4. Angela Jackson / Femke Zarma Tf / 69.481
5. Angela Jackson / Figaro H / 69.148
6. Bridget Hay / Fauna / 69.111

First Level Adult Amateur Championship

Rider / Horse / Total Score
1. Stephanie McNutt / Freestyler HRH / 72.598
2. Bonnie Canter / Shakira 467 / 71.176
3. Bettina Wagner / Li’Czabeth SCF / 70.343
4. Sara Davisson / Havallo / 70.245
5. Kristy Truebenbach Lund / Living Lucky / 69.412
6. Kerry Rose / Benjamin Blue / 68.676

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