Elevate Your Workouts With Bands: Train With The Equestrian Strength Coach

Now that we have walked through bodyweight workouts, the following workouts are for riders who have bands! I always suggest getting the bands that have handles and can be placed behind a door to create tension. I also suggest getting Loop Bands or “Booty Bands.” These can all be found on Amazon and are a great investment, especially for adding “accessory work” into your programming.







If you are lucky enough to have both bands and dumbbells then you can integrate all 3 programs! Keep in mind, you do not have to do the sets and reps that are written, they are simply a guideline. If you are feeling good, then do more! If these workouts are difficult, then scale down. Always remember to write down how many sets and reps you are doing, how the workout felt, what times you hit if they were max effort, etc. and from there you can progress! 

It is extremely important to remember this concept: We are athletes, yet we are unlike any other athlete around. We work with 1000lb animals daily, it is essential that we are strong. Not only for our health and safety but for the benefit of our own horses. Even though gyms are closed you should still be holding yourselves to the highest standards. You should be in shape and ready for when riding commences. Start here and now. 

Meet The Equestrian Strength Coach

Brittany Cacossa-Aureliano the founder of TESC, has many years experience as a strength coach, plus she as ridden for over two decades starting at an early age with her mother, hunter/jumper professional and judge, Jill Aureliano.  During her early riding career, Brittany rode countless young ponies and horses showing in the hunters at local and major competitions throughout the East. She graduated from college in 2014 and began teaching and showing professionally. She has experience working for New York Sports Club as a personal trainer. Wanting to learn even more, she got her Crossfit certification and there, found a true love for strength training. After years of Crossfit, Brittany wanted a more competitive way to train so she began Powerlifting. She competed in many USAPL (USA Powerlifting) meets, winning many. From there, she became a  Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). To learn more or interested in a personal fitness program, visit their website

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