The Dressage Foundation and Margaret Duprey Raise $27,000 For Young Rider International Dream Program.

Lincoln, NE – Aug. 14, 2017 – With the support and generosity of Margaret Duprey of Cherry Knoll Farm, along with many other donors from across the country, The Dressage Foundation’s “Dollars for Dreamers” matching gift campaign was a success.

Olympic Dream Tour Participants with Katherine Bateson-Chandler and Carl Hester

Earlier this year, TDF announced that Duprey generously offered a matching grant of up to $10,000 for TDF’s Young Rider International Dream Program. Her gift inspired past program participants and others to make monetary donations, as well as donations of products and services for an online auction.

As of Aug. 1, nearly $17,000 had been raised for the Dream Program, and along with the additional $10,000 match from Duprey, TDF will have the necessary funding to organize the Dream Program trip once again.

The purpose of TDF’s Young Rider International Dream Program is to introduce four top young American riders to the elite standards of international dressage through observing and meeting with top dressage riders, instructors, and judges from around the world during a week-long program in Europe.

“The Young Rider International Dream Program is a great educational experience that can motivate young riders to really dig deeper into their learning experiences by giving them the opportunity to study the international dressage industry,” Duprey explained.

Margaret Duprey and Diaz at Cherry Knoll Farm
Margaret Duprey and Diaz at Cherry Knoll Farm

Young Rider Rebekah Mingari is just one of the past International Dream Program participants who returned home with the drive and passion that is required to succeed in our sport. She said, “By watching the best riders in the world at the 2016 European Championships at Aachen, I was able to create a new standard from which to judge my own riding. It was incredible to see so many gifted pairs at the top of their game, and get to learn from leaders of our sport.”

Mingari took to heart the lessons she learned during last year’s International Dream Program, which led to her winning a Silver Team and Individual Bronze medal at the 2017 North American Junior & Young Rider Championships.

“Thanks to the generosity of Margaret Duprey, Cherry Knoll Farm, and donors from across the country, we are thrilled to be able to organize the Dream Program trips to Europe in 2018 and beyond,” said Jenny Johnson, TDF’s Executive Director. “More riders like Rebekah will be able to learn from international dressage experts, which will strengthen U.S. dressage in future years. We’re so grateful for everyone who has participated in the Dollars for Dreamers fundraising campaign!”

Donations for TDF’s Young Rider International Dream Program are still being accepted, and will be used to ensure that this Program is held beyond 2018. Tax-deductible gifts can be made online at or by calling TDF at (402) 434-8585.

 The Dressage Foundation is a 501(c)(3), non-profit, tax-exempt, donor-driven organization that is dedicated to educating, supporting, and advancing the sport of dressage. The organization solicits contributions, appropriately allocates the donations, and awards grants and scholarships to dressage riders, judges, instructors, breeders, high performance teams, and nonprofit equestrian organizations. For more information, please visit

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