Canada Rides to Historic First Team Gold Medal at Wellington CDIO-U25 Nations Cup

Wellington, Fla. – March 17, 2021 – The Nations Cup kicked off during Week 10 of the Adequan Global Dressage Festival (AGDF) with the CDIO-U25 Intermediate II 16-25 Wednesday in the international stadium. Teams of three riders, representing Canada and the United States, and an individual from Spain, battled it out for their nation and the coveted team gold medal. With their combined scores determining team placings, the pressure was on as each rider took center stage. Team Canada took home the gold for the first time in the five years of the Wellington CDIO-U25 Nations Cup with a cumulative score of 135.941. The United States fell close behind to earn the silver medal with their final score being 135.295.

Team Canada

Canadian team member, Camille Carier Bergeron, 20, and the 14-year-old BAD-WÜ gelding owned by Giles Bergeron, Acoeur, were the highest-scoring pair of the competition with an overall score of 69.412%. Bergeron was the anchor rider for her team and it was her high score that secured the overall win. The duo has had a successful 2021 season thus far, earning the championship honors in the U25 division of the Florida International Youth Dressage Championships.

Adding to Team Canada’s victory, Vanessa Creech-Terauds, 21, and Leatherdale Farm’s 12-year-old mare Fleur de Lis L earned an individual score of 66.5629%. Creech-Terauds has competed the homebred chestnut mare by First Dance for five years, racking up multiple medals in the FEI Junior and Young Rider divisions before making their CDI U25 debut only this year.

Vanessa Creech-Terauds and Fleur de Lis L

Beatrice Boucher, 23, and Baldacci, a 13-year-old KWPN gelding owned by Camille and Gilles Bergeron, rounded out Team Canada’s cumulative score by earning a 65.323%. This week marks Boucher’s debut in the CDI-U25 division as she only recently moved up to the level in the national rings this season.

Hope Cooper of Team USA set the second-highest individual score of the day with a score of 69.118% aboard the 16-year-old Hanoverian gelding, Hot Chocolate W, owned by Mary Mansfield. The 25-year-old rider is a CDI-U25 veteran, earning first-place finishes in the division in 2019 and top placings in 2020. Following behind Cooper was fellow USA team member, Codi Harrison, who piloted her 14-year-old Dutch Warmblood stallion to a score of 67.177%. Rosemary Julian-Simoes and Rankrado, a 17-year-old ZfDP stallion owned by Rankrado LLC, were the first horse-and-rider combination to contribute to Team USA’s silver medal score by earning an individual score of 65.471%.

Hope Cooper and Hot Chocolate W

The division of the CDIO-U25 will continue on Thursday, March 18, with the FEI Grand Prix 16-25 (CDIO U25).

Results: CDIO-U25 Grand Prix 16-25
Rider / Country / Horse / Total Score
1. Camille Carier Bergeron / CAN / Acoeur / 69.412
2. Hope Cooper / USA / Hot Chocolate W / 68.118
3. Codi Harrison / USA / Katholt’s Bossco / 67.177
4. Vanessa Creech-Terauds / CAN / Fleur De Lis L / 66.529
5. Rosemary Julian-Simoes / USA / Rankrado / 65.471
6. Beatrice Boucher / CAN / Baldacci / 65.323
7. Paula Matute Guimon / ESP / Delagronge / 60.324

CDIO-U25 Nations Cup Team Results

Camille Carrier Bergeron / Acoeur / 69.412
Vanessa Creech-Terauds / Fleur De Lis L / 66.529
Total Score: 135.941

United States: 
Hope Cooper / Hot Chocolate W / 68.118
Codi Harrison / Katholt’s Bossco / 67.177
Total Score: 135.295


Camille Carier Bergeron – Team Canada gold medalist

On Acoeur:
“I’ve had Acoeur for three years now and it’s been a really good year for us. We’ve gained a lot of experience in the CDI ring and we are more confident when we go in. He is so steady and he gives his heart. He never lets me down. He gives his all for his rider, he is so calm and always there for me.” 

Camille Carier Bergeron and Acoeur

On being the Anchor Rider for Team Canada:
“I knew around which score I had to get, but not the exact one. I was focusing more on Beatrice and Vanessa because Vanessa was first and she got a better score than the third rider in the U.S. I knew that was good and what score Beatrice needed to be second. Once I got on my horse, I didn’t think about the score I needed to get, I was just really trying to do my best and go for it.”

On her goals:
“The goal is to always get better in the U25’s and hopefully do some Grand Prix’s. This year I would like to move Acoeur to the Grand Prix level, which would also be my first Grand Prix ever. So, we go day by day, we aim for that and I hope it happens.” 

Beatrice Boucher – Team Canada gold medalist 

On winning with her teammates:
“It’s really special. I didn’t know it was the first year for Canada to win so it’s very cool. It’s very special, they are great teammates which makes it so fun.”

Beatrice Boucher and Baldacci

On Baldacci:
“I went in and tried my best and went through the test. This is the first CDI I’ve done with this horse — I’ve only ridden him for two shows, so I don’t know him very well in the show ring. For me, it was just to go in there, do the test and come out. This is my first year ever riding the U25. I started this season, so I’d like to continue in the U25 and perfect everything that we’re going through right now and do a Grand Prix in the next two years.” 

On riding a new horse:
“I rode Baldacci a little bit last year when he was here. Camille and I were together with him at the same barn but when she went back home for summer, she was the one riding him for the last six months. I started riding him again two months ago. I showed in national [tests] to get the scores needed to qualify [for the Nations Cup Team]. I am really grateful that she has given me the opportunity to ride this horse and do my first I2 and U25 Grand Prix.”

Vanessa Creech-Terauds – Team Canada gold medalist 

On Fleur De Lis L:
“Fleur is owned by Louise Leatherdale and is by the Leatherdale Farms stallion First Dance, so it’s really special to see how much she has grown. I started with her five years ago and we went up from the Juniors to Young Riders, and now the U25. This is our first year doing the CDI U25 together, so it’s been a really amazing journey and we know each other so well. It’s always so fun to go in the ring with her and we’ve learned a lot together.” 

Vanessa Creech-Terauds and Fleur de Lis L

About the CDIO-U25 experience:
“We are so thankful to AGDF and the sponsors who have been keeping the shows running, even with COVID-19. It’s been amazing that we’ve been able to keep showing and developing our horses. With Fleur, I just want to keep learning and growing, and eventually do some Grand Prix’s together. Because we are both so young, I know we have a lot of time together and we have a lot of potential so I’m very excited for our future.” 

“I’m extremely thankful to everyone who has helped me get to this point. Louise Leatherdale, of course, and my mom Diane Creech, our grooms, our family back home and everyone that supports us and has gotten us to this point. All I can say is every time I go in the ring, I really rely on the partnership I have with my horse. I am always proud to be representing Canada and these team competitions are so fun, especially with these two on my team. It’s awesome that the Junior and Young Rider program teaches you how to deal with the pressure so I’m very thankful for the opportunities to get to this point.”

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