2017 USDF Horse of the Year Awards

Lexington, Ky. — Dec. 7, 2017 — The United States Dressage Federation released its final year-end-award standings after a competitive show season. The Horse of the Year awards are some of the most prestigious and sought after awards in the sport and highlight the horse’s achievements throughout the season. Check out the top three combinations in each USDF dressage level.

Laura Graves and Verdades
Laura Graves and Verdades

Adequan®/USDF Final Awards Standings

Grand Prix Horse of the Year
1. Laura Graves/Verdades/79.94
2. Steffen Peters/Rosamunde/73.82
3. Kasey Perry/Goerklintgaards Dublet/73.495

Intermediate II Horse of the Year
1. Anne Gribbons/Let’s Dance/73.68
2. Michael Bragdell/Qredit Hilltop/73.29
3. Heather Mason/Warsteiner/73.16

Intermediate I Horse of the Year
1. Jodie Kelly-Baxley/Caymus/74.87
2. Alyssa Pitts/Quintessential Hit/74.21
3. Steffen Peters/Bailarino/74.08

Jodie Kelly and Caymus
Jodie Kelly and Caymus

Prix St. Georges Horse of the Year
1. Alyssa Pitts/Quintessential Hit/75.07
2. Mike Suchanek/Hero L/74.94
3. Steffen Peters/Bailarino/73.25

Fourth Level Horse of the Year
1. Alyssa Pitts/Selestial R/75.88
2. Heather Mason/RTF Lincoln/75.11
3. Jan Ebeling/Blenheim/72.51

Third Level Horse of the Year
1. Megan Gardner/Calexico/75.51
2. Katherine Poulin/Fairmount/74.84
3. Lehua Custer/F.J. Ramzes/73.46

Second Level Horse of the Year
1. Heather McCarthy/Au Revoir/74.55
2. Kasey Cannon/Diesel CF/73.49
3. Mike Suchanek/Duchess L/73.30

Craig Stanley and Habanero CWS
Craig Stanley and Habanero CWS

First Level Horse of the Year
1. Craig Stanley/Habanero CWS/80.70
2. Claire Darnell/Harrold S/79.72
3. Kai Handt/Ntec Hon Soller/79.26

Training Level Horse of the Year
1. Claire Darnell/Harrold S/82.84
2. Adam Cropper/Corleone/77.62
3. Kai Handt/Ntec Valendero 2/77.16

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